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Simon believes that the issues facing Loyalist-Cataraqui District are important, and shouldn't be overshadowed by Downtown concerns. Simon believes your property tax dollars, and your needs, should be considered just as importantly as the issues facing Kingston as a whole. The downtown can't grow without a strong, happy suburban workforce.

Your Kingston

Simon understands that the issues facing Loyalist-Cataraqui are part of the larger whole that is the city of Kingston, and that balance, compromise, and consensus are the desired result. For too long, the scales have been tipped away from our District. Property taxes have not been spent proportionally. It's time to re-focus on suburban communities like ours, instead of only focusing on the downtown.

Your Representative

While Simon has strong opinions on some of the issues facing the District and the City, he also understands that a Councillor is, first and foremost, a representative of the people. Simon will engage, consult, and discuss any issue with anyone, in the hopes of better understanding all sides. Consulting and discussing with all residents is the only way to ensure we build a Kingston where everyone benefits.

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